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If you have suffered a total permanent disability, you may be entitled to make a claim on your superannuation insurance policy.  The claims process can be complicated and it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Paul has worked in personal injury for over 8 years (in one of the largest Queensland firms) and has the experience and expertise to assist you with your claim. 

All of our personal injury matters are handled on a no win, no fee basis, meaning that there are no upfront costs to you. Contact Paul today for a free review of your case. 

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We will be happy to chat with your about your injury and offer a free case review. We are a no win, no fee firm, so you will never be charged unless you win your claim. 


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Frequently asked Questions about TPD and Superannuation Claims

Who can make a TPD claim? 

If you are injured and can no longer work, you may be entitled to make a claim against your superannuation fund called a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim. 

Does this mean I am claiming my superannuation? 

No. You are not claiming your superannuation. You are claiming for insurance that is attached to your superannuation. It is common for almost all superannuation funds to have TPD insurance. 

Does my injury have to be extremely serious to make a TPD claim?

Although the term ‘Total and Permanent Disability’ appears to only apply to extremely serious injuries, this is not always the case. Contact us to discuss if your case may qualify. 

What are the general requirements of a TPD claim? 

Normally if you are unable to return to a job that you are trained, experienced, and qualified to do, then you may be totally and permanently disabled for that job. You may be able to perform another completely different job, but you would still be entitled to make a claim for your TPD insurance. 

Can you provide an example of a case that would qualify for a TPD claim?

If you work as a carpenter and have done so since leaving school, then this is the job you are trained, experienced, and qualified to do. If you sustain an injury that prevents you from being a carpenter then you should be entitled to make a claim for your TPD insurance. 

How long does the TPD claims process take? 

TPD claims normally take between 6 to 12 months depending on your injuries and circumstances. 

What kind of injuries can I claim for with a TPD claim? 

All types of injuries can be claimed, including psychological injuries. 

What up front costs are there when making a TPD claim?

There are no upfront costs involved in making a claim or even enquiring about a claim. We operate on a no win / no fee basis. We handle the initial costs of any disbursements (specialist appointments etc) which are only paid back upon a successful outcome.